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Flight News Updates How to Download the RED TAILS P-51

Please follow the steps below to get your free RED TAILS P-51:

1. Go to the RED TAILS P-51 download page on
2. Select Buy for PC. (This is a free transaction.)
3. Sign in with your LIVE account.
4. Select Confirm Purchase.
5. Select Download Your Purchase Now and follow the prompts to install the

If you are accessing the DLC from the Steam in-game web browser, you won't be able to download the DLC from the Download
Your Purchase Now
button in Step 5. Please follow these additional steps to download the aircraft.

6. Restart Microsoft Flight.
7. Go to the Hangar.
8. The RED TAILS P-51 aircraft should now show in your list of aircraft. (It may take a moment or two after
signing in.)
9. Select the RED TAILS P-51 and click Redownload.    
10. Click Confirm Download from the Games for Windows--LIVE guide.

The RED TAILS P-51 should now start downloading and appear in your hangar for use after it is done.


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