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Howdy folks, ‘tis Loki again, we have a longer blog entry today, so stick with me till the end.


Today we're going to talk about something Solicest and I mentioned a while ago; That being that we had a plane that was finished, that we were unsure if/how we would ever get released to everyone.  Well, we have answers now.... Though since I am the one writing this I will totally usurp Solicest and just say "I have answers"  :)


When development of future content for Microsoft Flight was halted, we had a basic aircraft that had been ‘finished' but was still in the release process.  I don't want to bog people down with details, but let's just say releasing content is a little more involved than flipping a switch.  As  we were unsure about completed features, certification and a bunch of other aspects of said plane we simply did not know if it was something that would ever see the light of day.


It was frustrating seeing something in a form of stasis, so we worked on figuring out what hurdles we needed to overcome in order to get the plane (which for those that had not already guessed from my ‘clever' obfuscation in the title is the C-46) released.  Since we finally cleared the last of the hurdles we can now say that Monday August 27th the C-46 will be coming to Games for Windows - LIVE marketplace as well as to the Steam marketplace for $6.99.  This will be certainly the largest plane we've released as well as the only basic that can do cargo missions, so I think it is actually pretty cool... then again it helps that I think the C-46 is a cool plane in general... just ignore some of the more... colorful nicknames that some of the ground crews/pilots had for them.


As I can hear the questions already, let's see if I can answer some of them now:

Q: Loki, you reek of lies, you said that development of future content had been discontinued, now we get a new plane, explain that!

A: First off, you're mean... Second off, future development has been discontinued.  It's not a case of us going "well let's make this plane" it was a case of "well, we have this plane finished, how can we get it to our users?" 


Q: OK... well, that makes sense I guess... So, you guys had the plane done, and it was just paperwork?

A:  little bit of a simplification, but yeah.  So we had a choice of investigate if it was possible to release, what we would need to do, and get it released... or simply ignore that we could potentially get more content to our community. We did not like the idea of ignoring it so we went ahead and did what was needed and got the C- 46 released.


I know there are probably a lot more questions, and I will do what I can to answer them, though I will admit if it is "oh, wow, how did you model X" I may not be able to give an answer beyond blinking/looking confused, thankfully I grew up with pets, so I am good at the confused innocent look.


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