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Flight News Updates Yay Betas! (no not the fish)

Hi…. How you all doing today?  Me?  I’m doing well, Sitting here at a new desk, kinda sleepy, you know, usual…  What?  Oh, right, betas. 

So I will be sending out PM’s today to those who have volunteered for the beta/have the bugs we are working to fix in this release.  So, please check your Private Messages, and follow the instructions therein.   To those that did not get a message, I know you wanted to help, and you will get a chance, but right now we want to look mostly at those we know/think have the bugs we’re working on, so when the beta goes open we’ll be telling everyone else how to participate.  Again, this is a bug fix beta.  There is no new content, nor are there changes to the simulation/graphics engine.   


To those expecting an update on the Aerocache list I provided last week, I will be providing that later today.




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